What is Awareness Objective in Facebook ?

Facebook’s brand awareness objective has two main goals of optimization-brand awareness & reach and a new metric of reporting known as ‘’estimated ad recall lift.’’ By combing both these goals, companies leverage the objective for boosting their number of users on Facebook who can recall an ad once they see it.

Types of Awareness Objective in Facebook

Brand Awareness



Brand awareness optimization has two alternatives-reach and attention which Facebook uses for optimizing ads. This optimization ensures that the ads are served to people who have a higher possibility to spend time with them and recognize them later.



Reach optimization enables brands to boost the number of people who view their ads during a particular time period. It also covers the frequency of impressions for every Facebook user. For instance, setting the reach to one impression per day stands for Facebook will serve not more than a single impression per day every user across all the placement types chosen like Facebook Audience Network(Facebook), Facebook and Instagram.

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