What is Content Marketing & Management ?

Content marketing is a type of marketing approach which involves creation & sharing of content across various mediums ( blogs, videos and social media posts ). It does not directly promote a brand but attempts to create interest in a specific product or service.

Digital Marketing Content Generation Strategies

A well-compiled ebook will offer something worthwhile to readers who can find answers to questions which made them go through its contents. You can also consider hosting a webinar. But keep one thing in mind. Only a webinar which offers something of value will make people share their contact details willingly. But to do so, you will need to provide practical training, examples from real life to them.

Content for Search Engine

To make sure that the content you create does help to boost your website traffic, spending ample time in keyword research is essential. You will need to ensure that the content you create includes relevant keywords related to your business which people are using. This will ensure that you are able to answers questions which are their major cause of concern. Take into account the words which are related to your business.
Search engines give precedence to new content. So, you won’t be able to publish your contents regularly, assuming that they are ‘fresh’ and will have the good ranking. Adding new pages regularly isn’t a wise thing to either.

Importance of Content Management System

content management system(CMS) enables you to create, manage and edit web pages using a single interface. Using such a tool, you can organize web design and content publishing and make sure your site and workflow are updated. Therefore, to make efficient use of content marketing as an activity, you will need to use a content management system.

Content Writing for blogs, AdSense and paid campaigns

To make your content click in blogs of high ranking websites, or AdSense or paid campaigns, you will have to abide by their rules. You cannot post anything you want to, even if you are not violating their webmaster policies. Certain types of posts cannot be published as per the existing AdSense policies.


Content marketing is a lifeblood of a site. To make sure that your content strikes a chord with your target audience, you will need to ensure that the content you create is relevant and authentic.


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