What are the different methods of SEO ?

Search engine optimization( SEO ) is a technique which is used for boosting your website’s rankings on search engines. It is one of the best ways to gain better visibility through organic search and enhance traffic. If you are into a business and want to ensure that your website gets a high ranking on search engine rankings, then it’s wise to hire an SEO services agency to optimize your site and ensure a visible improvement. Some of the most common methods of doing SEO are mentioned below which mainly divided into 3 Types. there are many other sounding in the web but they are not official…!!!!!

Three different types of Method in SEO

1. White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is one of the most widely used SEO techniques and is the one which use methods and techniques to enhance a website’s search engine rankings. It does not violate search engine guidelines. A number of methods which the white hat SEO utilizes include the creation of relevant, campaigns for link acquisition through them, HTML optimization of website & restructuring & manual outreach & research. When out opt for the white hat SEO method, you will get a gradual yet satisfactory growth in your rankings.

You can make use of WordStream’s Keyword Discovery Tool and Long Tail Keyword Tool to offer content ideas and product enhancements. These tools are highly effective and will enable you to enhance your keyword list and content suggestions by recording search queries which attracted people to your website. They will be automatically added to your WordStream keyword database for your review. White hat SEO methods include usage of descriptive, keyword-rich meta tags and use of your site for easy navigation.

2. Black Hat SEO

Blackhat SEO, on the other hand, is a type of SEO technique which takes advantage of the shortcomings in algorithms or search engines to acquire high rankings for websites. This is a typical method of SEO guidelines set by search engines, especially Google. The naturalness level is very low due to the fact that the techniques used in this type of SEO method include hidden text, link spam, keyword stuff, cloaking etc. When you opt for this method, you can hope for unpredictable, quick but momentary growth in ranking. Chances of your site being penalized will also be high.

3. Grey Hat SEO

This a method of SEO which is neither black or white. It doesn’t make complete usage of black hat SEO and is a combination of both. It is rather an alteration from white to black and from black to white. For a variety of reasons ranging from pressure by website owners to deliver satisfactory results, a number of SEO companies adapt grey hat SEO techniques on some occasions. They might not cross the link to black hat SEO.

A good understanding of gray hat SEO is necessary as it can help you to improve the ranking of your site without negative consequences. It might also lead to heavy traffic loss. Grey hat SEO methods tend to change periodically over time. What may be regarded as a gray hat this year may be regarded as blackhat or whitehat the next year. Therefore, you need to be aware of the latest categorizations.

Final Words
Having a good knowledge of SEO methods is essential for any website owners. Usage of white hat SEO techniques can help a website owner increase search ranking significantly.

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