What is Facebook Campaign ? & Know about It’s Types

For small businesses, Facebook is the best place to experiment with paid advertising without any risk of investments, both in terms of time and money. As a platform, Facebook offers small companies to start their campaigns within a short time span, display their content and enable users to browse their respective sights.

Types of Facebook Campaign


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Website Click or Traffic Campaign

Pay-per-click (PPC) which is also called cost per click (CPC) is a model of the interesting model which is utilized for directing traffic to websites in which an advertiser pays to the publisher, who usually is a website owner once an ad is clicked.

Video Ads Campaign

Video ad campaigns let you view ads on their own or within other video content either on YouTube as well as Google Display Network also. The video ad formats include TrueView in-stream ads, TrueView video discovery ads, and bumper ads.

App Install Campaign

App install campaigns are specifically used to make the greater number of people download your app. AdWords can assist in customizing targeting, keywords, and ads on the basis of your app ID and other details. You can also easily measure the performance of your campaign by tracking installs as conversions.

Lead Generation Campaign

Lead generation campaigns are run with the main aim to generate leads. This campaign process involves classification of potential buyers and qualifying their probability of buying in advance for making a sales call. The main goal of this type of a campaign can differ from driving sales to something like boosting webinar registrations. However, in the end, they have the same aim which is to get prospective buyers who are interested in your product.

Like Campaign

like campaign is a type of advertising through Facebook. In this type of campaign, you have the chance to gain great awareness related to your brand and augmented follower statistics on your Facebook business page.

Brand Awareness Campaign

As in the case of direct response marketing campaigns, brand awareness campaigns focus on gaining the attention of existing customers. These customers can be identified either as people who have shown their interest by visiting the website of your company, reading its announcements or by indicating any intention of buying.

Product Catalogue Campaign

product catalog campaign is a type of campaign in which you can advertise all of your products. This campaign is highly effective for any business to reach out to the past and existing customers and earn significant profits since you are already quite familiar with the customers. Creating an ad campaign using product catalog can ensure higher profits in an age when PPC costs and affiliate programs are becoming quite common and are not highly effective.

Store Visit Campaign

This type of campaign is ideal for businesses which have multiple stores, such as restaurants and have grown beyond the reach objective. Promoting such a campaign is quite easy as there are several store locations which target people who are close. You can also gain from features of unique ad format such as dynamic store locator map cards for carousel ads.


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