how youtuber make money ?

Making Money on Youtube

Nowadays YouTubers make really good money as they make money from youtube and in this article, I will tell you how YouTubers make money If you really want to grow on youtube as YouTuber to make money online the most important thing is consistency. They do hard work create videos and make money from youtube.

Do you remember when youtube is only known for cat and dogs videos and some timepass videos trips to zoo like.

Back then no body can think that this site will explode like a platform where they can earn lot of money online. Allow people to make full time living just create and upload videos and they can make money as youtuber.

But exploded did these days. YouTube stardom has been a ticket to International notoriety and lucrative careers for many people. They started with nothing with a phone camera or webcam and a Idea.

But where the heck does all this money come from. We’ll just like how real celebrities might make money in a lot of different ways TV deals, endorsements, fashion lines, ill-advised forays into music. Online users can actually have a variety of revenue streams as well.

Let’s start with a very easy and comfortable one Google Ad Sense. In this Ad Sense process, Creator can earn money from the advertising. That you see sometimes before a video, the ones with the yellow progress bar along the bottom and sometimes a skip ad button on the right.

Advertiser bid for the unskippable ad. This cost is high because you see sometimes on youtube that Ads run without a skip option. When we watch some of our interest videos on youtube then these ads runs on creator videos. These ads’ money gets shared between YouTube itself and whichever creators video the ad was run against.

So if you have a channel and getting a lot of views on your videos, than this is the best and simple idea to monetize your channel and make money online. But there are few requirements first to earn money with advertising on your videos. You have to have a total of at least 4,000 hours watched in one year and need a thousand subscribers to be eligible to earn money from youtube with Google ad sense.

Brand Deals

Another model by which you can earn money from youtube is Brand Deals. These often take the form of product placements or brand messaging that is directly baked into the actual video instead of being separately served from the AdSense program.

So for most creators are free to negotiate. This branding deals directly with sponsors keeping all of the ad revenue in their pocket this means they can be very amazing deals.

But there’s also a lot more management overhead because there are lot of ways to approach these kind of offers. So some deals work on per video, some are just based on the bonus, Some offer give rewards for high engagement through views and clicks.

So all of a sudden creators entire life’s focus has been on creating content can find themselves making pitch decks sitting on conference calls and making proof of performance Data.

Affiliate Marketing / Affiliate Links

This is another very powerful way to make money as youtuber or make money from youtube in 2020. Creators who feature a some certain products in their videos. Such an Unboxing or a Review they drop a link in their description box . This link belongs to the online retailer like Amazon, AliBaba etc. If any viewer click the link and buy something from that retailer then creator will get a kickback from a retailer in return for driving traffic to their website. Now although each individual purchase might only net a small amount of money. Affiliate Revenue can add up to a lot over time.

So if viewrs love creator work they can help their favorite creator make money. Unless they’d rather just cut out the extra buying step and give it to them directly. So viewers no need to search for hours for the best particular product online just click on the link and reach the same product described or featured.


So some youtubers make money from Merchandise By selling T-shirts with their Brand Name. It makes up a significant part of the business like Logan Paul’s Maverick clothing line or Zodla as well as beauty product portfolio. So then that’s most of the common stuff. As youtuber they are making really huge amount of money.

So you can find unlimited ideas of creative videos for how to make money on youtube. Now we have seen everything from traditional media gigs like appearing on reality shows or hosting events to going on live tours. YouTube premium and crowdfunding have also opened up some interesting opportunities.

So the one thing is required for sure to get to the premium earning is, a stronger viewer base. But there are some misconceptions are also there with youtube earning .

If you have a great subscriber numbers you do not get paid for that numbers from youtube. Its all about views but there is some good news even much smaller, Niche creators come up with very different idea that really work amazing for them.

They providing services that are related to their channel and videos for people who just couldn’t be arsed to do it themselves.

Selling their creation which they create and showed in the video or streamed directly to their viewers. Providing one on one or group tutorials to people who are willing to learn from you and willing to pay.

So if you are a creator, creating your creation in videos and growing your viewer base daily then this article help you gotten the gears turning for you. with the help of this you can grow and make money online.


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