What is Pixel Tool in Facebook ? & How to install Pixels ?

A pixel is a tool which enables you to authenticate your Facebook Pixel. It works in the background for automatically reviewing websites for codes which look similar to a Facebook Pixel. Once a website has a Facebook Pixel installed, the </> icon in your browser turns blue and a small badge will appear signifying the number of pixels found in that page.

How to install Pixels ?

Facebook Pixel Example

In order to install Pixels, you will have to first create a Facebook Pixel, add the Facebook Pixel base code to all the pages of your website. Then, add the event code to some of these pages and confirm whether your pixel has been implemented properly or not. For creating the Facebook Pixel, you will have to go to the Facebook Pixel tab on the Ads Manager. Then click on Create a Pixel before entering a name for your pixel. You may have a single pixel per ad account. Therefore, select a name which represents your business. You can also change the pixel’s name later from pixel later from Facebook Pixel tab. Then, check the box for accepting the terms before clicking on create the pixel.

There are two major elements in Facebook pixel code-Event code and Pixel base code. The pixel base code assists in to maintain a track of your website’s activities. It offers a baseline for measuring particular events. The base code needs to be installed on each page of your website. For installing the pixel base code, go to Pixels page on Ads Manager. Then click actions>view code before copying the base code and pasting it between tags either on each web page or on your website template for installing it on your whole website.

What is Custom Conversions Tool on Facebook ?

You can utilize custom conversions in case you cannot add standard events to your website, or you intend to customize or split standard or custom events which are placed on your site. In case you have applied the base code across your website but not standard events, you can leave the code as it is and create custom conversions by using URL rules in its place.

For creating a customs conversion, you will need to go to the custom conversions section and click on it. Then add the URL or a part of it which represents the custom conversion you have. It would be equivalent to the use of the Make purchase standard event. In case you are using URL Equals, ensure that the domain is included also. There is no need to add Http or Https. Then, select a category and click Next.

Give a name and description to your custom conversion and add a conversion value in case it is applicable. The inclusion of a conversion value enables you to see your return on ad spend in your reports. Then click on Create> Done. You can also create your ad through the use of website conversions objective. Select your custom conversion for optimizing and tracking that conversion.

How to create Customs Conversions on Facebook ?

Custom conversions allow you to segment your event data based on event types, custom data fields, values and other features for more detailed reporting to be done on Ads Manager. You can create it by building rules which define distinct, highly valuable activities which matter for your business and will be applied to your offline event set.

Then go to Offline Event Manager before selecting an event set. An event set is needed for creating a custom conversion related to it. Click on Create Custom Conversion and start choosing an ad account. You can manage assignments in the Business Manager settings.

For Rules, utilize the dropdowns for creating a rule. Then assign a Value or Event Name or map a Custom Data field to a normal event before clicking and adding additional rules or click x for removing a rule. Select a Category which describes a set of rules in the best way before entering a name for custom conversion and an elective description before clicking on Submit.


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