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What is podcast hosting ?

A podcast hosting is a program run by online hosting companies that is available online for download in digital form. A user, for example, could save an episodic collection of digital audio or video files to their device and listen to them whenever they want.

Quick Suggestions for Best Podcast Hosting

  1. Buzzsprout – Best in Overall
  2. Castos – Best for WordPress
  3. Resonate – Best for Beginners
  4. Podbean – Best for Hosting


The goal of Buzzsprout was to make podcasting simple but not constrained. They offer one of the best-designed dashboards I’ve ever seen, getting you to focus on content creation and less on uploading.


Castos has great features and works. The Seriously Simple Podcasting WP plugin is owned by them which allows you to manage the feed and upload new episodes.


Resonate is a podcasting platform that works primarily in podcast editing and distribution. which includes a Resonate Player, which can be embedded on any podcast-related website.


Podbean helps you make money from your podcast with a variety of monetization tools such as Ads Marketplace and dynamic ad insertion.
Podbean offers a free podcast hosting service.

Picking the right best podcast hosting platform is significant while selling your products online. From simple store the executives to get payment handling, the best podcast hosting platforms can assist you with meeting your objectives. In this aide, I positioned and surveyed the podcast hosting platforms, alongside my main 5 choices, with the goal that you can pick the best one for you. Check any of your suitable best podcast hosting platforms.

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Best Podcast Hosting Services

In 2022, Here are the Best Podcast Hosting Service Providers – Hi, What going on in your life, I hope everything is going well…!!!

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Best Podcast Hosting 2022

What I have to write in this Best Podcast Hosting Platform post I just want to say don’t lose hope because there are lots of opportunities out there apart from what you are currently doing, just you have to keep finding them just like you are doing right now… !!!!!

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Podcast Hosting Comparison

Best Podcast Hosting - Podcast Hosting

Best Podcast Hosting For Monetization

1. Buzzsprout

As we mentioned Buzzsprout is the first choice for podcast hosting service earlier. They offer a free plan that you can use indefinitely.

  • You can upload up to 2 hours of audio per month, but episodes are only available for 90 days.

  • To get started for more information, see the pricing page.

  • You must sign up for a paid plan in order to receive the $20 gift card.

Best Podcast Hosting For WordPress

2. Castos

Castos makes it simple to launch, grow, and monetize your show. This hosting platform is intended for podcasters who use WordPress.

At $19/month, you’ll get unlimited upload and download bandwidth, as well as an excellent customizable player to embed for your website.

  • Trusted Brand
  • Great Basic Plan
  • Great support

Best Podcast Hosting For Beginners

3. Resonate

Resonate is a more user-friendly podcasting platform. Your one-stop shop for producing and distributing high-quality podcasts.

  • Detailed Analytics
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