Search Ads 360 Basics Assessment

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Exam Name : Search Ads 360 Basics Assessment

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1. What goal does a bid strategy use to optimize bids?

2. Bid strategies can find the most opportunities under which condition?

3. What are the three types of attribution models you can choose to build in Search Ads 360?

4. A client wants to track conversions based on the number of sales. What type of Floodlight tag can track this?

5. What added benefits does the Data Studio integration in Search Ads 360 provide over using executive reports?

6. What is the new name for Google’s DoubleClick Suite?

7. What would you do first to report on data for your “thank you page” Floodlight activity?

8. What information can a Floodlight tag track using custom variables?

9. What is one advantage of using Search Ads 360 to manage multiple large and complex campaigns?

10. Jenny is an agency manager and Jonathan is an agency user. Based on these different permissions, which of the following is true?

11. Which of these definitions best describes what data-driven attribution models can do?

12. What is the new name for DoubleClick Search?

13. Jorge wants to examine performance by device type to compare conversions between desktop, mobile, and tablet. How would he view this information in the performance dashboard?

14. Ali uses spreadsheets to track his clients’ budgets, manually calculate trends, and implement formulas to work out target spend. He also uses them to create the daily budget reports that he attaches in emails to his team. How can Search Ads 360 make Ali’s task simpler?

15. Anna is ready to get started using Search Ads 360 to set up her first search campaign. What are the correct steps and order she needs to perform them in?

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