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As a blogger, you already understand the importance of Social Media. Social Media is an opportunity to share your content with the world.

Through Social Media, you can show who you are as a brand and interact with the people who are interested in what you know best. Creating interesting, timely, thought-provoking content is a small part of being a blogger.

Once you create the amazing content you have to be sure you get it out into the world. You want your blogs to be shared regularly and through a variety of mediums.

With all of the things you have going on in a single day, how cool would it be to have a resource that can flawlessly execute your entire social media calendar?

Having a tool that schedules, implements and reports on your Social Media is priceless. There are several great options out there.

Not only are these tools cutting-edge, easy to use, and comprehensive; they are all under $10 a month! I have compiled my list of the top five Social Media Management Tools.

Top Social Media Management Tools


With Hootsuite, you can manage your Social Media, schedule posts, and track conversions. They offer a free version, as well as a 30-day free trial for their amazing pro version.


With SocialOomph you can schedule tweets and blog posts and monitor social media activity.


Buffer allows you to share content on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can also schedule posts throughout the day to make sure you are always relevant!


Every post allows you to update all of your social networks from one site. This tool is FREE!


Bitly bookmarking your favorite sites tracks clicks and shortens the links that are posted across all of your social media networks. This is helpful for fitting URLs within character limits on Twitter and tracking what links are getting the most clicks across all of your platforms.

Each tool is different and has its own set of special features. Depending on exactly what you need the tools can be tailored to fit your specific blog. Take some time to think about your Social Media goals for the next month and choose a tool that will best help you achieve them. Now that you have all of this extra time…write your next blog!


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