Best Cloud Hosting Service Providers Companies Reviews

Top Cloud Hosting Service Providers Reviews :

As far we grow our technology as well as growing so in this digital era we should upgrade our technology as well so keep reading this will be very helpful to you to grow in meantime within your competitions…!!!

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So for my audience, I am going to share some best cloud hosting provider to choose in 2020 to take their hosting at the next level in this fastest growing digital world.

First, let me know to you why you have to choose or migrate from your traditional based hosting to cloud hosting which are all time best in the hosting market.

This technology might me you don’t aware that much, but don’t worry I have gathered proper knowledge for you so you don’t need to take any kind of stress related to which cloud hosting will be good for you in the market.

This post will help you to get best rated cloud hosting from around the globe area you will be happy once you’re using’s their services.

Let me start with some questions if you don’t want to read this question skip and go to the next point but if you answer all this it will be the benefit to you somewhere to choose best one for you.

Q1. Do you earn from your blog or website above 1000 $ per month ?

If yes, then you should choose this.

If no, then once you reach this then you must migrate to this.

Q2. Are you getting 50000 above traffic per month ? why 50000 only because it will be increased soon.

So if yes, then you must take as soon as possible otherwise you may have chances to lose your rank and audience’s as well.

Although, if no then where you hosted currently is well suitable for you, there is no need until you got above 50000 traffic..!!!

I hope you got an idea about in a simple manner why you choose the cloud hosting provider in 2022 for websites ?

Now, the main advantages of cloud hosting.

What are the benefits of cloud hosting ?

  • Cloud servers provide strong security and stability.
  • Resources highly scalable based on user requirements.
  • Pay only what they offer the resources to run your site smoothly.
  • Cloud servers have incredible speed and maintain site performance.
  • Applications are installs on a cloud network instead of a single server.
  • All thing works with automated and controlled by APIs, Web Portals, and Mobile Apps.

I tried to give all the best advantages which mostly peoples want to know about before from any best cloud hosting service providers so as long as it will never down you.

There are numerous cloud hosting providers you will find on the internet, but here I have mentioned some of i using for some websites or my colleagues are currently using some of them for their uses.

Best Cloud Hosting Providers in 2022 :

I have sorted all the chooses cloud hosting provider based on their performances, so if your needs meet then you go and check it out.

1. Amazon Web Services ( AWS ) :

amazon aws cloud hosting provider

We all know about the biggest company in e-shopping industry “ Amazon “ but you may be don’t know about it, This is also top best cloud hosting services provider in 2022 and as it has a huge marketplace so it has high performance technology infrastructure to run this type services.

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AWS offers some of the best features which may not available in other cloud hosting services provider which help to you easily configure on the basis of your website requirements…!!!

Some of the Features of AWS :

Aws Products Description

Do you Require DBMS ( Data Base Management System ) ?

Well, got the best luck here because it has Amazon Aurora which compatible with MySQL database services.

Its Offers some High End Products

It provides high end products in computing, storages and content delivery services as well as database and networking.

If I talk about security then you never worry about it, because it has world best known tech to protect your sites from malicious events.

In Shot Advantage :

  • High Speed and Performances all the time.

In Short Disadvantage :

  • Price will be high from others, no fixed all the time.

AWS give a chance to their new user or customer to take this service 1 year absolutely free with all the benefits which I mentioned earlier.

Click Here To Go : AWS Website For 1 Year Free Cloud Hosting

Maybe you still take your step back because its free or related to customer support for 1 year period, You may be thinking if its free then it will be delayed in supporting so here I said you may be wrong, because they have incredible customer support and also want to aware other to take this service benefits so I promise you will be surprised once you take this…!!!

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To help to solve all queries of the new customer, they provide knowledgeable base video series.

As my experience, there is no one can stand out till this time in front of AWS if you want still to check out other then you continue to read forward…!!!

In my list, second cloud hosting will be nearby AWS but not equal because it has a different infrastructure to its user.

So, second is,

2. DigitalOcean :

Digital Ocean is second top in my list which is the best cloud hosting provider in 2022. It is one of the fastest growing company in the cloud hosting industry.

Because it offers simple, strong and reliable infrastructure and lowest prices as compared to others.

They have 550000 developers to maintain their infrastructure so hence they are one of the most trusted and well found platform in the cloud hosting industry.


Some of the Features of DigitalOcean :

  • It allows to Create, Automate and Manage a robust cloud server infrastructure.
  • It offers out of box features like floating IP addresses
  • Its come with some standard as well Tier-1 bandwidth, team accounts, shared private networking and SSD hard drives.

They are located across the world the mainly 8 countries are listed such as the U.S., Canada, Singapore, U.K., Netherlands, Germany and India.

In short Advantages :

  • Basic plan starts with 5 $.
  • All plan has Standard SSD Hard Drives
  • Pro Level of Customer Help Support.
  • Pay money only on actual usages, not for unused hours.

In short Disadvantage :

  • They made their own pattern for plan distribute in a team of droplets which may be confusion rise a new consumer. Droplets refer as Server.

Now you understand, why this is a best AWS alternative to best cloud hosting providers in 2022 at a reasonable price then check price here.

Click Here To Go : DigitalOcean Website

Okay, let come to the 3rd one in my list,

03. Bluehost :

This hosting well known reputation in the hosting industry. This name is most trustable among bloggers and websites owners.

Its known because it has the lowest price and easy handed shared hosting. That why I list this in best cloud hosting provider in 2022 too.

Its mainly recommended to WordPress users just like me. Bluehost is also my first suggestion if you are running the website on WP.

Bluehost Cloud hosting

Features of Bluehost Cloud Hosting :

  • Automatically distribute cloud sites into 3 mirror copies data across multiple devices
  • Ensure safety and protection of the site
  • Available resources monitoring to identify when more add-ons needed for the site.
  • One Click Installation for WordPress Users.
  • Scale up RAM and CPU anytime without a reboot.
  • Setup an automated failover ( Unique Among All )

Advantages of Bluehost Cloud Hosting :

  • Basic Plan Start 6.95$/Mo its very cheap cloud hosting provider in the manner of features.
  • If Hard Drive Fails, Rapidly Switched with another
  • Maximum uptime

The disadvantage of Bluehost Cloud Hosting :

  • You have to bear the cost of all migrations of sites to it.
  • No windows hosting if you are on.

Click Here To Go : BlueHost Website

I understand this if you are on some technology which may be not available, but you know everything has something missing so this as well.

Just go further may be your suitable website based tech will be near below…!!!

Let’s check 4th cloud hosting which is…!!!!

04. Cloudways

This is also got the name in the cloud hosting industry in 2022. Its provide affordable and amazing functions for the cloud based managed WordPress hosting.

I can tell you without you read about this cloud hosting. you can choose this. Because this is one of my favorite because it gives you some credits in your account when you sign up, i am clearing that it may be temporary offers so you should check out with the click on a button now.

It allows you to set up a Wordpress based Web Server app with easy steps, along with other commonly used apps which may be you know so check it once.

Cloudways Cloud hosting

This comes with fantastic features which under cloud servers so it will help you to scale up your hosting resources as the visitors of your website grows.

Features of Cloudways cloud hosting :

  • Its infrastructure optimized in performance, speed and security.
  • Its setup with Auto Healing which lows the risk of crashing sites.
  • Its using virtual machines and apps without having large no of files and web servers.
  • Its give you an option to choose from one of the top cloud services providers.

Advantages of Cloudways cloud hosting :

  • Migrations of websites under cloudways technical customer support.
  • Support available over the phone call, live chat, phone call or email.
  • Provided CPanel to configure specifications for your desired server
  • Its work with Google Compute Engine, Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean and Vultr.

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The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

Now you know why this is my favorite because it is combo cloud hosting of all major hosting service provider.

Disadvantages of Cloudways Cloud hosting :

  • Its work with other so prices may differ always.
  • Basic Plan start 10$/Mo ( High Among All in My List )

Click Here To Go : Cloudways Website

Now at the end of the last cloud hosting provider in 2022 in my list.

05. Vultr

This hosting I am not using but it has good review over my colleagues, and here I am going to share their views on this. I hope you will get some information about if its suitable for you.

If you are looking for a cloud server which has to be high performance SSD then this will greatly suit your site. This is famous for its fast SDD cloud server.

Its also have a great response in the global cloud hosting market. Its main motto to provide the most efficient and reliable services to its users.

Vultr-SSD-Cloud-hosting provider

As I mention it has SSD so your site will get an amazing speed performance instead of other sites which are located on HDD.

Vultr has 14 locations with low latency around the world which you can be driven with 60 seconds speed up among others.

Features of Vultr Cloud hosting :

  • Built Cpanel based on customer need.
  • Just one click install add ons
  • They provides dedicated IP address, with an altered option.
  • 4 Types hosting options Vultr cloud compute ( VC2 ), Bare Metal Simplified, Block Storage and Dedicated Instances.

Advantages of Vultr :

  • Basic Plan Start at 2.50$/Mo ( Lowest Among All in My list )
  • Suitable for individual entrepreneurs and small businesses.
  • Its have its own discussion forum which can be found here.

Disadvantage of Vultr :

  • Over the phone call support not available as seen on their site.

Click Here To Go : Vultr Website Without Sign Up Credit OR
Click Here To Go : Vultr Website With Sign Up Credit

Now the time comes to show you a summarized comparison between all them.

Comparison Between All Cloud Hosting Providers :

As I show you all time best cloud hosting providers in 2022 and put this list on my site.

No Providers Price Uptime Customer Support Service Rating Visit Website
1 AWS Free 1 Year 99.99% 10/10 5/5 Click Here
2 Digital Ocean 5$/Mo 99.99% 9/10 5/5 Click Here
3 Bluehost 6.95$/Mo 99.97% 10/10 4/5 Click Here
4 Cloudways 10$/Mo 99.97% 9/10 4/5 Click Here
5 Vultr 2.50$/Mo 99.98% 9/10 4/5 Click Here

Now you can get an idea from the table which is most suitable for you.

You may be wondered to know about how this hosting are able to manage your site in a high amount of traffic also from different region so the answer as simple and easy it to there are putting your site on a single server and creates multiple copies of your content on all their located data center server in all regions ( countries ).

Now all things are clear after a long description of all the top cloud hosting provider in 2022 for your websites.

My Opinion :

Try one which suits your budget and take a chance any of it once because the services are incredible among all cloud hosting services providers the major difference only comes with Price.

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Now your time to check it out which you required currently, if you have any kind of doubts about this then let me know in the comment section I will be happy to answer you…!!!


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