Top Landing Pages For Your Website That More Helpful To Visitors

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In this article, I am gonna tell you some best landing pages which are compulsory to have any site, For example, it may be Blog or Portfolio type site.

What are the landing pages ?

1. Home Page :

As you know, if you visit any site, the homepage is the most visited which an important part of the whole site. This is a page when a visitor comes to find something relevant to your business or you.

2. About Us Page :

This page generally used to show information your business or you work. Mostly peoples are putting details about there journey or strength. And obviously why they started this site and what main intention behind this.

3. Contact Us Page :

This is most beneficial page if you are running a business or providing services to local or global level because when someone gets value from your site which can be content formate or other then it maybe wants your personal help to done some kind of professional work based on your shared content or your skills.

This is also important to every kind of online selling business because if customers getting issue related to the product then first, he/she will visit or find your contact page to solve their problems.

4. Blog Posts or Category Page :

This is a very helpful page for your site audience because if they want to check your updates or want to see explore about your business or your knowledge so then they will check first your blog posts page to read about your written articles.

5. FAQ Page :

This page is all about your commonly rises question in everyone, this page is useful when you know this kind of question will be asked by your client or consumer so you can collect and put them at separately on FAQ page so the consumer or client and your both of time will be saved to not discuss on predictable question. And you can get direct conversation based on your product or services.

6. Shop Page :

This is a page where generally peoples show there latest release products or all-time selling or in the stock product to visitor or customers.

Hope you now understand that what are the landing pages ? and why it’s important to have in site for both to the site owner and site user.


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