WooCommerce and Digital Marketing

The important thing about WooCommerce is that it is an open-source plugin that you can add to your site. There are tons of cool digital marketing plugins for WooCommerce which can increase, whatever needs a powerful E-commerce solution.

1. Beeketing

Beeketing is a tool which lets you boost your conversion rates and grow revenue organically. It has over ten powerful marketing apps, such as email marketing and upselling, two effective and proven ways to increase your sales volume.

2. Instant Search

If you are selling a lot of items and have multiple categories with lots of products within them, then it is important to have a good search functionality which helps your potential customers find your products. Instant Search adds advanced search functions and has extras such as product suggestions, search analytics, word matching, and is 100% cloud-based. As long as you have some quality WordPress hosting as well, WooCommerce will be able to supply your shoppers with lightning-fast search capabilities that they are sure to appreciate.

3. Woo Social Media Marketing

This extension is a social media marketing solution for WooCommerce based store. It can connect all your social media pages in one place, allowing you to make posts across multiple channels all from one place, and you can even use it to plan and schedule a week’s worth of posts.

4. AutomateWoo

This plugin is an advanced way to set up automated marketing emails for your WooCommerce store. With this plugin, you can increase your marketing effort and reach by sending targeted emails using analytics gathered from your previous customers and people who have browsed your website.

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