WordPress vs BlogSpot : Which Is Better & Why ? Explain in Detailed ! vs !!!! Which one good and Why ? ( Pros & Cons )

Hi, reader!!!, if you follow my site, you may now understand, how much i have known about all posted article so, in this post i am gonna share with you some pros and cons about WordPress and Blogger which generally known as the blogging platforms.

So before i start on Blogger or WordPress, I just let you know that i have experienced both platforms for a long time on my other sites to run live which currently i am not able to share with you but definitely in future, you will be known.

As i mentioned above, I used both platforms, so i will tell you the exact things, which i faced while i running my sites on Blogger or WordPress.

At first many peoples in blogging choose blogger platform because of lack of knowledge or budget, as we know we all want something free if we have that kind of things…!!!! So the blogger is a free platform where we can establish a blog or site with some limitations which won’t be let you add a third party or your own custom codes to a customized site using plugins because it’s using its own framework or style.

I have seen some peoples able to add some cool features by adding a piece of codes but they not able to full takeover their site because its only permissible by Google employee.

Notes : This article only on vs not on vs shared here so please keep this point while reading the article!!!!

Blogger vs WordPress which is good to Start Blogging?

1. Great because security provided by world trusted company by Google 1. Good because its used by world top websites but security mostly provided by third party plugins or company
2. Its free to run the site for unlimited hosting with limited ownership, but all rights will be at the end to google which reserved to remove your blog or site without your permission. 2. This is also free CMS but here you have to spend some amount to host its file on a server and here you only have full ownership to run your blog or site.
3. It allows customizing with minimal level from code side or website layout or theme. 3. It’s open source so it can fully control to customize with expert level by using plugins or codes.
4. Its little bit difficult because the structure is predefined by Google algorithm like URL. 4. Its very easy because you have full access to set all structure before migrating like URL and Database.
Support or Help
5. It may be rare you get a solution if any major issue come. because there is a limited helping site available which share on this. because everyone using there own CMS or Framework. 5. There are numerous sites available to help you have a problem. there are a lot of peoples who share their solution via blogging or videos so it’s easy to get a solution here.

Facts about blogger:

Its launched in 1999 by Pyra Labs and one cool thing is for me is that it just come after my born because my born year is 1998 then in 2003 officially acquired by google.

Facts about Wordpress:

Its luanched in 2005 which is freemium blog tool or cms and the awesome thing about is best choice of all brand new bloggers to Time, CNN, TechCrunch, and more.

In My opinion, you should go with WordPress because this give us freedom to do everything with own developed site, in other hand if you see blogger can be shut down whenever Google wants because if you do anything mistake with its policy so it has full rights to delete all the content which you have made by the time so its always recommended to go with own CMS site for long term vision which can give security to your all labor content as i understand for my own content.

Last words : I have tried to explain as simple as possible so if you have any doubts related to WordPress or blogger then feel free to ask me, i will definitely help you via my article or comment. Thanks for visiting my post. Have a great blogging journey to you for further….!!!!

Msg : I will update this post by the time, its depend how people interest in this topic, so stay connected with me for more information realted Wordpress VS Blogger, Thansk again see yaa in next post!!!!!


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